5 Best Italian Restaurants You Must Sample On Your Italian Escapade!

22 October 2014

Dolce, Cacciatore, Carne & more...

If there was one nationality secretly existing through my bloodline purely for my love of food, it would definitely have to be Italian. Italian food is one of the richest and internationally recognized flavours the world has come to know, showing no signs of stopping. This Top Five list shows the best restaurants you must try during your Italian escapade, and by "must try", I really mean “must devour”.

Palermo, Sicily

If you’re out and about in the province of Palermo, Sicily, Casale Drinzi is an Italian restaurant worth your time. The restaurant holds a great reputation for using fresh and local ingredients with welcoming hospitality. A clear favourite is the stewed pork and smoked ham with artichokes. I know your food fantasy stopped as soon as I said artichokes, but the odd-looking plant cuts out the richness of the meat and complements the dish with a bittersweet flavour. The restaurant has high ceilings with wooden exteriors that makes you feel right at home. Home-made pastas are a real specialty at Casale Drinzi with homemade pizzas becoming a staple during dinner service.


Speaking about pizzas, Ristorante Pizzeria Anna has been a local’s favorite for years. Harboring a family-friendly environment that is situated in Agropoli, the pizzas are tasty, affordable and also caters for gluten-free customers. A family-owned business with a small B&B upstairs, Anna offers a seven-slice selection including traditional Italian ingredients such as spicy sausage, pork, mussels and prawns. After stuffing your face in savoury goodness, the pizzeria also serves more than eight different types of cornetti which can be inhaled whilst taking a relaxing stroll by the beach.

Still hungry for more?

If you’re looking for a flavoursome lunch or dinner at Catania, I highly recommend Cutilisci. Set amongst a seafront location, all the dishes are created with innovation and elegance. The restaurant serves quality meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, welcoming every diner to the culinary party. Now I’m not a vegetarian by any sense of my stomach’s imagination, but the barley and vegetable tabbouleh is so scrumptious that I may have to convert!

A Carnivores dream

However, if you’re an absolute carnivore when it comes to food and just so happen to be touring the street of Milan, you will enjoy what Ribot has in its menu. They are a ‘meat only’ type of restaurant set up in 1975, famous for their grilled meats and romantic ambience. Imagine yourself with a group of friends demolishing a plate of the juiciest meat, delicious wine and chocolate fondue under well-kept grapevines and stunning lights? I certainly wouldn’t waste my time booking any other restaurant; the waiters are courteous and professional, the food and wine is heavenly and the ambience just makes me want to celebrate the night away!

Gelato & sorbet

To end your Italian adventure on a sweet note, Gelateria Valentino located in Rome, is an ice cream bar that will make you in love at first bite. Everything from soy ice cream, gelato to traditional Italian flavours is waiting to be pounced on. You can never choose just one flavour when you enter, and it really is hard to exit unless you have a food coma or are being rolled out by the friendly staff for over-consumption. The owner Jonathan Quarta, is evidently passionate about fresh produce and new flavours that every taste bud is left gratified and craving for more. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, I would recommend a scoop or a tub of the Nutella and the Dark Chocolate ice cream. Each product is so smooth and pure, it cures every injured palate and turns it in to a sweet dream.