Inescapable India – Delving Deeper Into Mewar

10 October 2014

A Kaleidoscope of Colour

India is not just a holiday port embodied by the Taj Mahal. It is curious, colourful and diverse, hiding adventure and history. What are you waiting for?

India is not a destination, location or tourist trap; the guide books and websites you see on your screen upon searching for the right phrase only capture a kernel of what India offers. Articles like this regularly focusing on travel stop gaps like Delhi, with its overwhelming bustle of buildings, bazaars, markets and miles of colourful material, wrapped around body shapes of all sizes. Obligatory mentions of the Ganges or Goa slide in somewhere, a perfunctory nod to the strong spiritualism and respect for ritual India holds close to its national heart. So what is the real India? Is it the food? The poverty? The claustrophobic population of 1.27 billion people? No. India is more than a pinch of tarragon or a thread of saffron, it isn’t the decorative sari or opulent wedding festivals; India can’t be categorised by its less fortunate, as a complicated bureaucracy permeates the lives of many. Step inside our world of adventure travel to India and discover the hidden faces of this humble nation, as it grows and evolves into an influential player and reverent experience.

Monuments and Moments

The traditional passage through the dusty streets and tight lanes is not to be dismissed as just another tourist jaunt – it works, and it works for a reason. A sight-seeing tour will allow you to appreciate the famous beauties of the country, indulging your need for order and common ground before you lash out and discover Kerala's peaceful canals or the commercial dash of Kochi. The Taj Mahal, located in Agra, is a soul-stopping testament to human affection and the true power of love, built by Shah Jahan for his deceased third wife, Mumtaz Muhal, honouring her memory.

Rajasthan is re-emerging as one of India’s most talked about cities, dubbed the Land of Kings, witness to warring factions and the birth of one of the world’s first urban civilizations, springing up in around 405 BC, along with other Bronze Age states like Ancient Egypt. Siring many contemporary ruling families, Rajasthan attracts curious travelers, searching for larger than life sights and finding them in Jaipur and the Palace of the Winds (HawaMahal). Beyond the fascinating history and wondrous architecture, Rajasthan is also bordered by the richly diverse Ranthambore National Park, a preserved jungle of native, emerald flora and the orange/black striped predators weighing on every conservationists heart. The tiger.

On Water High, Valley Low

Though people have gone as far to compare the buoyant and brilliant Updaipur with Venice, it could be argued that the City of Lakes is much more stable. The stately Mewar period design and tightly wound streets are comfortable and welcoming, rarely cramped to capacity; highly popular with absolutely everyone, Udaipur is the perfect place to tap into the Indian psyche and learn about the powerful Mewar legacy.

India is a melting pot of cities and townships flowing together in harmony, though each singing a different tune. It is a country of divisions and history, paying respect to its formative years, many centuries ago, though moving forward before anybody is ready to admit India has become a figure to consider. What is India? The ultimate adventure rolled into thousands of experiences you’d need a lifetime to see.