The Magic of Malaysia: Are You Under Its Spell Yet?

1 October 2013

The Magic of Malaysia: Are You Under Its Spell Yet?

Malaysia is a haven of dreams, bridging an intangible divide between modern tourism and a period of traditional myth; while the bustling streets Kuala Lumpur attract a melting pot of visitors and long term residents, there exists a swathe of secrets obscured from an initial glance. On first look, the longer slither of the mainland doesn't really register on anybody’s bucket list – after all, how much fun can one really have under the cover of a green jungle canopy? Oh, how little you know. From the breathless heights of Sabah, to the secret river systems of Sarawak, visitors are invited to a life more extraordinary, even for a fleeting moment. You’ll have trouble deciding what comes next.

Get Swinging

Set your sights on the tree-tops and delve into the playful world of     the  orang-utans, a close cousin and an awe-inspiring vista, humbling even the most hardened spectator. Though it’s possible to enjoy a  close encounter of the chimp kind at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and share a slice of fruit and a quiet moment on the ropes, the wild experience is second to none. There is something liberating about spotting these animals, along with proboscis monkeys and elephants, in their natural environment, with limited human intervention. While it’s understandable you’d like to get up close and personal with our DNA bed-fellows, complete with photographic opportunities, make sure your experience doesn't sour under the influence of exploitation.

An Island Oasis

Take a break from attraction trapping and trip over to Langkawi Island, a salty kernel of beauty and tradition, offering up surprising pockets of adventure; climb Mount Mat Cincang by foot or cable car, summiting a small slice of the world. For one moment, it’s yours. Descend and enjoy the luxury of hot springs, the black sand beaches and the unforgettable Taski Dayang Bunting. Trek, cave and dare to let go of reality for a couple of days.

Pick Your Hubs Wisely

Though the big city scene might be tempting, basing your Malayan experience out of the usual tourist traps will only sanitise a truly spectacular holiday. Instead, make a move toward Kota Kinabalu and witness the urban sphere unfolding before your very eyes. The genuine local cuisines add a little bit of heat to the palate, warming up your appetite before heading to the top of Mt Kinabalu. Scattered among the switch backs streets, towering buildings and ramshackle houses, you’ll find a thriving undercurrent of cosmopolitan culture.

Seek the City Skies

Though we’ve been dissuading you from basing your holiday out of KL, exploring what the city has to offer is a must (just don’t stay there the WHOLE time); take a trip to the top of the Petronas Twin Towers and soak up the skyline, before heading down to ground level and bring in the Luna New Year with a brush of colour, flowers and fireworks. It only happens once a year, so be quick and don’t miss the head of the lion dancing in the streets.

Malaysia isn't a destination - it’s an experience tailored to the intrepid traveller. The question is, when will we see you over there?