Revealing the Secrets of Central America.

20 September 2013

The word boredom will never pass your lips, as the intricacies and eccentricities of Central America run away with your preconceptions. It’s small, tiny in fact, but don’t let the physical span of lush terrains, fiery volcanoes and diverse wildlife fool you (see what we did there?) your CA bucket list will never end. Snorkel the reefs and cracks of the Caribbean, take a beach break or catch a few waves, surfing the swell of Belize. Whether you’re in Costa Rica for a short siesta, or a month long trek, exploring the wonders of stunning Panama, Central America has everything a jaw-dropping holiday needs to make it unforgettable. Are the maps a tangle of locations and questions? Don’t worry, we have you covered.  Here are our favourite things to do and see in Central America – But don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.

Yucatan Peninsula

Though you may rarely hear Yucatan mentioned in casual chats with intrepid friends, it’s a safe bet you’re familiar with its palace resorts, places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen supplying a luxurious accommodation alternative. Yucatan is a delicious blend of progress and tradition. Beyond the swathe of emerald jungle and white sand tourist spots, lies an underwater haven for the stately sea turtles; learn about the conservationist struggle to keep these wonderful creatures around for just a little longer and recline with a cocktail sometime after, relaxed and refreshed.


A country of many faces, Guatemala bewitches travellers every year, serving up old world Colonial charm with a slice of adventure, a dollop of natural majesty and a liberal dose of Mayan history to addict even the most cynical visitor to its perspective altering borders. Zip, raft and trek the jungle routes, flying from tree to tree before settling to swallow the awe-inspiring sites of one of Central America’s most beloved attractions, the Chelemha Cloud Forest. An intense canopy of greenery and sky reaching trees, strung with vines and delicate forest flowers, you will get lost among the tree trunks without a care in the world.


Ignore everything negative you’ve ever heard about Cuba; you don’t need to be a cigar aficionado to enjoy eye-popping landscapes, passionate people and flavorsome food. Steeped in a long history of austerity and political unrest, Cuba is emerging as a popular destination for globe-trotters looking for a little something extra, cradled by mountains and music, and surrounded by pristine beaches and sheltered bays. Kayaking in Cuba is a fast favourite with many, with operators offering intermediate river tours for keen sight seers.

Unpredictable and unimaginably distinct from its Western neighbour, Central America will transform the adventurer into a volunteer, a nature lover into a conservationist, a skeptic into a devotee and leave you thirsty for a longer taste of the countryside, beyond the limits of Mexico. Whether you’re seeking a beach break, a quick break or a Beak Break, make sure Central America sneaks onto your list of places to go in 2014.