A Snapshot of Sarawak: 3 Must Visit Places on the Adventure Trail

15 August 2013

The waters and rhythms of international travel are vast and textured, juggling a gamut of family friendly adventure, awe-inspiring scenes of nature’s splendour and scintillating feats for the truly fearless. As travellers stalk the world for new wonders, the truly intrepid are never satisfied by a guide-book tour or watered down experience – adventure shouldn’t be cookie cutter or completely sanitised. We want something more, something else. While the sifted powder beaches of white sand islands are safely tucked away, Sarawak calls. Turn the clock back and take leave from the urban sprawl; the authenticity and beauty of Borneo’s state of national parks – and there are twelve! – will transfix your gaze with its archaeological and cultural presence, uninterrupted by the trappings of modernity. Sound your speed? Read on.

Gunung Mulu National Park

This luscious expanse of almost ageless vegetation is a World Heritage listed park, enthralling visitors with its intricate eco-tapestries; from the jungle floor to the star smoldering sky, the diversity of native flora and fauna will inspire a smile or two, as you tramp up the peaks of Mt Api. On the way, treat yourself to a dip in the pools of Clearwater Cave and be awed by the Twilight Canopy Walk before arriving at the end of your arduous trail, face to face with the unusual majesty of The Pinnacles.

Bako National Park

Bako lurks in the shadows of Kuching, hiding a menagerie of animal encounters, secreted coves and beaches, weathered cliffs and striking waterfalls. After the caving wanderlust of Gunung, Bako is comparatively easy to get to, swapping a bumpy plane ride for a comfortable day-trip. Straddling a jagged peninsula, this national park is Borneos’ oldest, boasting over twenty-five classes of vegetation, populated by enigmatic proboscis monkeys, long-tailed macaques, leaf monkeys, the water monitors, otters and more!

Regional Sarawak: Kapit

To round out our top three Sarawak places to see, Kapit is a bustling river settlement, short on big attractions but packed with true Malaysian charm. Let your legs recover from trailing and climbing, take a stroll around the professed gateway to Borneo, enjoying the peace on the wood-board paths and elevated pergodas. After checking out the small interests of the Kapit museum, take a trip slightly out of town and up the Rejang River to the Pegalus Rapids. For a true taste of Sarawak and Borneo, make sure to visit a local longhouse – but careful, it’s all strictly by invitation! Talk to the locals and immerse yourself in Kapit, you’ll soon by sipping tea in Rumah Tuan Balleh.

Come live the adventure in Sarawak. True exploration is not a photo opportunity or an unusual status update – a modern “I was here” for the technologically schooled; adventure is getting lost without losing your way, trekking through mud, dust and dirt, eyes ever upward as the leaves quiver in the sunlight, slipping dew drops onto your forehead. Sarawak is the sharp call of an Orangutan, the limestone knives of the Pinnacles or the antiquated back-paths of Limbang tribesmen, hunting the heads of their enemies. Sarawak is your next trekking holiday – we’re ready, are you?

Image courtesy of Sarawak Tourism.

Image courtesy of Sarawak Tourism.