4 Reasons to Explore an Antarctic Playground

1 August 2013

Attention frontier dreamers! If you’ve spent most of your natural life hankering to explore an unmapped or rarely visited region of the earth, all is not lost. Before your coffee takes a dive and the payment feeds on a caffeine kick, take a seat. Every isle has been discovered, it’s true, thanks to technology and human ingenuity, but explored? Certainly not.  Take it slow on the pristine ice beaches of our most southern continent and sign up for an Antarctica expedition to pique a dormant sense of adventure. You may be wondering why your hard earned money should be splurged on a winter wonderland of action, wildlife spotting and iceberg hopping, if this description doesn’t appeal to your travel tastebuds, maybe these four magnificent points will.

Camping With a Difference

You’re either a camping nut or you absolutely hate it – the thought of crawling bugs, rancid soil and forbidding lashes of raining weather subdue any notions of the great outdoors. It’s great, as long as you’re indoors. Camping in Antarctica will force you to contemplate a complete 180 – there’s nothing but snow, ice and the sky, cradling your temporary home in the pinks and blues of a midnight sunset.

Put Things into Perspective

Antarctica is not a powdery wasteland of cragged edges and whitewashed landscapes – the icecaps and icebergs alone are a veritable painter’s palette of startling blues and violets. The pristine wilderness unfolding before you will melt away the tensions and worries of a now far away reality. Antarctica positions the traveller as a mere observer, demanding humble reverence as your ship crunches through icebreakers and the fins, flippers and animal calls of the great white nation come into view.  On an Antarctic tour, humanity plays second fiddle to the majesty of nature.

Tackle Extremes

Your spirit will be challenged and transformed by the plateau of snow and ice, as your footsteps travel trails very few have had the pleasure to walk. You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic, but it’s a good idea to get in a little practice hiking or trekking back home, before showing Antarctica you’re a mini force to be reckoned with. Some tours will take you to the most extreme places on earth, inviting travellers to explore the unchanged Antarctic Peninsula or conquer the Antarctic Circle.

It’s a Wild, Wild Life

You might be surprised by the saturation of our splendid beaked friends and other seabirds, who will no doubt trail your journey across the Drake Passage. If you’re a penguin fan – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – Antarctica offers keen adventurers the natural opportunity to enjoy the company of seventeen penguin species, including the magical Emperor Penguin. You’ll fall in love as they frolic on the ice, without an aquatic trainer or bucket of fish in sight.

Uncover a mystical land of colour, imagination and awe. If you’re ready to let go of the thrum of civilisation and tune into the networks of the untainted natural world, Antarctica is the perfect place for you.

Antarctica image courtesy of G Adventures

Antarctica image courtesy of G Adventures.