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Immerse yourself in local culture with our My Adventure Travel exclusive festival range. Get colourful at Holi in India. Be fascinated by the ice sculptures of Harbin, or light it up at Diwali!
Our My Adventure Travel exclusive festival range allows you to experience world renowned events PLUS all the main sights you'd want to see while you're over there anyway.
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These are the hottest Festivals of 2016/7! ›

28 October 2015
These are the hottest Festivals of 2016/7! It seems that there is always an . Be it an electronic dance music extravaganza or a food throwing contest – it can be tough to know what’s hot and what’s not. Festivals are sure to embed in your mind an unforgettable experience.
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Does the Melbourne Comedy Festival rate on the world stage? ›

7 April 2015
Sometimes, down under in Ostraya, we can have a bit of an insecurity complex. We're a small pond of fish, a long way from the vast cosmopolitan sea of the world. And sometimes we're not sure – are we good enough?
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