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Europe. This astounding range of places in such close proximity to each other cannot be matched anywhere in the world. Europe is a whole range of very different cultures and experiences, in one beautiful big package.

Travelling around Europe

The city walls of old Dubrovnik. The understated style of Copenhagen and the ridiculously charming canals of Venice. Beyond the cities, the rural culture of the villages has its own rhythm. Families making cheese to a recipe handed down for generations. Old men playing chess in the village square. People meeting at the street market to exchange fresh produce and news.

And the food. Long local heritage creates food of such assured flavours that your palette can be sent reeling from a simple raspberry tart. Dining in Europe can range from a chunk of cheese on bread to a rustic rabbit cassoulet to a Michelin-starred degustation menu. From the clichéd (but actually exactly as you imagine them) hills of Tuscany to the jagged peaks of the Pyrenees, the landscapes are timeless and beautiful.

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