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You don't need to take loads of money with you to experience Asia – there is a wealth of life, activity and culture everywhere you look in the street around you. But a few dollars in your pocket can add up to a whole lot of things.

Things to experience in Asia

Asia has a whole lot of the things that make travelling great. Delicious food for starters – the rich coconut curries of southern Thailand, the sticky sweet duck of Beijing, the delicate flavours of Japanese sashimi. There's hundreds of different ethnic groups, with cultural elements changing between one town and the next.

And the landscapes are so varied it's ludicrous to summarize them. The rocky islands of Halong Bay. The lurid green rice terraces of Bali. The grassy plains of Mongolia. The white beaches of the Philippines and the massive mountains of the Himalaya. Just choose a place and go there. You can't go wrong.

Top Destinations in Asia

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