Argentina Tour

Argentina must see & do

  • 1The gracious and cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires
  • 2Mighty Iguazu Falls
  • 3The colonial city of Cordoba
  • 4The dreamlike wilderness of Patagonia
  • 5Tango lessons

Visiting Argentina

Argentina is the land of tango, beef, soccer and passion. An adventure tour to Argentina takes you from cosmopolitan cities to desert canyons, lush vineyards, majestic Andean peaks, frozen ice caps and endless pampas. Coastal nature reserves are the place to see guanacos, rheas, penguins, sea lions and whales.

Must-Do Activities

  • Experience Indian cultures on the Andean Peaks
  • Patagonia
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Argentinian Barbecue or Asado

The capital, Buenos Aires, is a gracious city of cafes, purple jacaranda flowers, stylish residents and handsome architecture, while the city of Cordoba is renowned for its galleries, fine dining and stunning colonial architecture. Beyond these sophisticated and charming centres lie high Andean peaks and traditional Indian cultures, glacial lakes, the dreamlike wilderness of Patagonia, cool lichen-clad forests, wetlands alive with birdlife and the mighty roar of the Iguazu Falls, South America's greatest natural spectacle.

Beef is the central component of the Argentine diet, and Argentine beef is world-famous for good reason. Definitely check out an Argentine barbecue, or asado, sometimes also called parrillada, because it is made on a parrilla, or grill.

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